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About Us

Established in 2020, when we decided to create a lifestyle boutique that had a bit of everything. A place you can find things for both yourself and your home.


Our selection consists of handpicked products from innovative international designers, as well as our own fashion collection under the EE Limited. Allowing customers to look and feel fabulous in our designs and create a new style for their homes.

We are a small company based in Marbella and will bring in different brands one by one as we grow.


E E is our own fashion brand inspired by icons and the classic designs with a touch of today’s fashion, combining ready-to-wear collections with everyday must haves.

E E Limited will launch in April 2022.


Our second hand is about sustainable fashion to go from wear-and-tear consumption of clothes and accessories to a more long-term use where the clothes can “live on” with new owners.

This gives people the opportunity to share a wardrobe with each other and thereby increase the number of uses per garment and create a circular fashion. For this to be possible, clothing care is an important part for us.


Our product forms the exclusive style that is characteristic of EE, warm and relaxed yet passionate and inspiring.

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